GEN Ecovillage Summit – Living Solutions for a Regenerative World


The Global Ecovillage Network will host its Ecovillage Summit in April. Join us and 35 ecovillages & speakers for 7 days of connection and hope. You can sign up today for the Summit at

Last year, GEN hosted its second online summit with more than 20,000 participants from around the globe to build communities for the future. This year, GEN will showcase how ecovillages contribute to the mitigation of climate crisis and function as resilient communities of practise bringing concrete solutions and actions for earth restoration, economic revival, social regeneration and cultural celebration.

Building on GEN’s Map of Regeneration, the 7 days of the Summit will be focused on Culture, Social, Economy, Ecology, and Integral Design. Each day will be dedicated to one of the Areas of Regeneration and presenting ecovillages and renowned speakers from all over the world and diverse spheres of action.

Through local hubs, bringing like-minded people together, we will invite participants to explore how they can go beyond the Summit to build more community and lasting resilience in the face of climate change.

To see the full list of speakers and which interviews are live at any given time, visit Here you can also register to be invited to view the videos, receive daily information, updates, and be included in discussions about the summit.

(Note: Even if you are already on GEN’s main newsletter mailing list or are otherwise subscribed to updates from GEN through email or social media, you will need to register for the Summit specifically on the Summit site to receive access to Summit videos.)

Participate in discussions in the comments of the videos themselves, in our dedicated Summit Facebook group, or in-person in hubs that will be displayed on the Summit site.

If you miss your favourite speaker or would like to rewatch any interviews afterwards, you will also have the option to purchase a complete digital package of the interviews when the event has concluded. GEN commits to ensuring that, once our costs are covered, any monies received will flow towards supporting the work of the Global Ecovillage Network, whose purpose is to Catalyze Communities for a Regenerative Future.

You can find more information here.


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