What is required for me to get a course certificate of the Social dimension?

To earn a certificate of accomplishment at the end of the Social dimension, you will need to:
• Read the material in the ebooks or PDFs (optionally doing the “Bring it to life” activities)
• Make a forum post in each module and tell the facilitator through “self-reporting”
• Supply a new resource in each module and tell the facilitator through “self-reporting”
• Attend at least two live sessions, or watch recordings (optional but encouraged)
• Give a peer feedback in each module and tell the facilitator through “self-reporting”, including how it was to give the feedback
• Do a group project sometime during the dimension and post a report on it

If you have any questions about the course, you can always contact us at info@gaiaeducation.org

Not part of the Social dimension yet?

You can join this online course until Monday, 19 October 2020.

If you would like to learn more about how to learn the skills to become a confident change maker in social issues of sustainability, then you should join our Social Design online course.

The aim of this programme is to give you a better understanding of the true meaning of social equity and participatory action and to enable participants to apply transformative tools that align us with more resilient social systems. Our relationship with others is too dear to let it default to old domineering paradigms.

In the Social Design course, you will also learn more about how to deal with conflict and diversity — of ideas, beliefs, roles, etc., how to improve your communication skills and communicate in a more compassionate way, how to create a common vision for a collective project, and much more!

Read more about the upcoming Social dimension here!


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