Giovanni Ciarlo stepping into the Role of Leadership at Gaia Education


Dear Gaia Education family,

Recent events in North America and globally have deeply affected us and reminded us that there is a critical need for all of us to confront racism and inequality in our societies while also restoring our natural environment. We will not remain silent amid acts of racism, injustice, brutality, and violence.

At Gaia Education, we believe that learning is a force for human transformation and progress towards achieving resilience and change. We are committed to providing learning opportunities that further the cause of social and environmental justice. We vow to act from a healing space that rebuilds connections to ourselves, the Earth and each other.

We lift our prayers for the collective transformation and evolutionary potential of humanity. We stand in solidarity with communities of colour everywhere and in the collective grief brought on by police brutality and violence in all its forms.

We will continue to educate ourselves on the history of structural racism in order to usher in the regenerative culture we all aspire to.

The education we share is about creating a world of individuals who are engaged, responsible global citizens. We understand that we cannot have a healthy environment unless we have healthy people and communities everywhere. We believe that we can work together to end injustice, protect the environment, reconnect to nature and honour each other.

We recognise that we all need to do more. Together we can develop a better, more equitable future for all.

Giovanni Ciarlo


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