Gaia Education offers free Sustainability Design Panorama course to people affected by the coronavirus


As many schools, universities, organisations and other institutions have closed temporarily due to the coronavirus, we are offering all people affected by the coronavirus pandemic, free access to our online programme: Sustainability Design Panorama.

Staying safe and healthy is the most important thing at the moment, even if it means to spend more time at home. Gaia Education is a leading provider of education for sustainable development. We want to support you to continue learning and developing yourself in these uncertain times.

Rooted in Gaia Education’s international experience in community design education and sustainable systems thinking over more than ten years, the Sustainability Design Panorama online course highlights what is possible, what is being done, and what remains to be done, to transform society and urge humanity towards sustainability, while addressing the most pressing issues of our times.

Global experts advise that we need to re-design everything, from our homes to our food, energy, transport and economic systems. This transformation needs to occur on a grand scale and take into consideration people, planet and livelihoods to arrive at a holistic balance as we humbly endeavour to redesign the human presence on Earth.

Using examples from ecovillages and sustainable communities from around the world, this course will introduce you to people who are creating communities that tread more lightly on the planet and do so in a way that recognises the power of collaboration, the promise of regenerative systems and the value of diversity.

Read more about the Sustainability Design Panorama and get your free access here.

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