Sipapu – Temple of Emergence (a Design Studio Case Study)


Turn your inspiration into action. Learn how to develop analytical skills that can apply to consulting and practising sustainable design.

Sipapu Project is a thrilling output of the Design Studio, which participants of the Design for Sustainability (GEDS) programme are able to engage with once they have completed the four dimensions- social, ecological, economic design & worldview.

The focus of the Design Studio is to get you to think about and practise integrative whole systems design, go through the experience of co-designing with others to create a detailed project proposal and design, and to recapitulate and integrate what you have learned over the year-long programme.

Sipapu – Temple of Emergence

This unique project aims to form the “passage to the next world” through sustainable and regenerative principles, methods, culture and technologies born of deep ecological and traditional shamanic worldviews. Sipapu is a Hopi word meaning place of emergence and return.

SIPAPU integrates ecological, economic, social and spiritual methods, business, governance and practices, enabling its function as a sustainable, regenerative and inspirational vehicle for transformation.

The project is in an early stage of development. While the site currently functions as a residence for its 2–4 staff, and as a retreat centre for up to 20 people, it requires development in order to fulfil its mission.

The mission of this project is:

  • To establish a sustainable and regenerative community, living in right relationship with nature and with spirit.
  • To demonstrate exemplary and diverse culture, practices, techniques and technologies needed to support that relationship.
  • To inspire members, visitors and  local communities to high levels of consciousness and care towards each other and the environment.
  • To be part of and of service to the transformation of humanity’s presence on the Earth.

The Sipapu community placing a selenite heart in the centre of the ceremonial field.

Throughout its development over the next 3–5 years, the project will involve and evolve ecological, economic, social and spiritual methods, business, governance and community practices that enable its mission as a sustainable, regenerative and inspirational node in the global network of evolutionary activism.

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The Sipapu Community


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