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The upcoming Training of Trainers programme (ToT) is the 13th co-facilitated at Bornok Beach with Pracha Hutanuwatr and Jane Rasbash. Participants wake up every morning to the sound of gentle waves as a tropical beach is the wonderful setting of the Thai ToT programme. The Training of Trainers course uses a participatory learning approach that builds a community of learning and draws deeply from participant experience and knowledge. Thus, conditions for empowerment are seeded and nurtured as a participant and in the longer term as a facilitator. The course gives skills and practice hone inner and outer skills towards regeneration.

For the last four years the ToT has incorporated SDGs and edge work and is an important step of the Gaia Education Training of Trainers journey. The diverse group of participants, many social workers and community leaders from South East Asia and China get the chance to explore their unique path as a facilitator and Edge worker. Many see themselves working at the cutting edge of society on thorny issues often created by social, economic and environmental injustice.

A contemplative rhythm is encouraged with daily practices centred around the four foundations of mindfulness and deep relaxation. This calms the mind which along with the beautiful natural surroundings and diversity of participant centred activities creates an optimum learning environment.

The course was an unforgettable learning journey for me. Through a combination of experience first-hand what happens when knowledge is not a one-way road from deeper understanding of the synergies between mindfulness, facilitation, and 

Sara China /USA

ToT Thailand

This is the 12th year I have co-facilitated the ToT at Bornok with Pracha Hutanuwatr. For the last three years we have incorporated SDGs and Edge work and the course is now an important step of the Gaia Education Training of Trainers Journey. Participants were inspired by Edge work many seeing themselves in this role working at the cutting edges of society on thorny issues often created by social, economic and environmental injustice. Holding a course with 32 diverse participants including 14 Chinese who had simultaneous translation was a challenge and a blessing as a facilitator.

I learn so much from multicultural participants from China, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan – Province of China, France, Switzerland, USA and Sri Lanka. The diverse group were aged from early 20s to 50s and from a multitude of backgrounds from activist, CBOs, legal, NGOs ecovillages and many freelancers straddling many worlds. This was great fodder for edge workers to hone their inner and outer skills towards regeneration.

Our next Training of Trainers in Thailand will take place from 5 to 18 January 2020 in Bornok, Prachuap, Thailand. Register now and save your space!

Find out more about the next ToT in Thailand here!

Special thanks Heaven Hong and Natha Dannonthadharm who made welcome additions to the facilitation team, alumni volunteers Petra, Phil and Kasey and the amazing translation team Freda & Seren.

ToT Thailand

To find out more about our next Training of Trainers, visit this page.


Written by Jane Rasbah


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