Learn How to Rewild Urban land with Tiny Forrests!

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The techniques you will learn are based on the work of Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist who pioneered a method in the 1970s of planting young indigenous species close together to quickly regenerate degraded lands. The course is presented by Daan Bleichrodt, Author of Tiny Forest, who will lead you through the course.

“Having grown up in a wooded area, I am a huge fan of forests. Children that are growing up now should have the same opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a forest nearby. That’s why I am planting Tiny Forests all throughout the Netherlands.”

In this free programme you will learn:

  • The reasons why urban landscapes are so degraded, and such difficult places for nature to live.
  • How to create a tiny forest.
  • The challenges associated with creating a tiny forest in a city.
  • The solutions that can be implemented to overcome the challenges of creating a tiny forest in a city.

Register here for this free mini-course.

Gaia Education and Ecosystem Restoration Camps developed together the Ecosystems Restoration Design Online Programme, this programme will start its third interaction next September.


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