Regeneration: New Frontiers for Designers of Complex Systems


Today, a new generation of place-based community leaders is emerging to spearhead regenerative design, development and planning efforts all around the world. However advancing regenerative design at the local level can be a surprisingly complex challenge. Each and every place on earth is characterised by a unique set of cultural, social, and political dynamics that can hinder or even prevent local projects from making a global difference.

The webinar provides a high level overview of core concepts and frameworks that define the practice of regenerative design and development, a process and methodology for harmonising human activities with the continuing evolution of life on our planet, even as we continue to develop our potential as humans.

Join Peter Gringinger’s #Glocalisers webinar “Regenerative Design and Development – Transforming the ways humans inhabit the world” on 21 June at 5pm UK time.

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