Exposing mental models to the open air – fiiS in Santiago

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Gaia Education recently joined fiiS Santiago, the most engaging International Festival of Social Innovation in the Americas.

Over the last five years fiiS has become a movement of people and organisations generating progressive changes in society in surprising ways. Through radical collaboration, young innovators are dreaming up solutions to the tough social challenges of our times.

Combining Latin American music, passion and strength, thousands of innovators between 16 and 34 years old, gathered in Park Araucano to join workshops, talks, conversations, and enjoy local food under great Santiago weather.

May East, Gaia Education CEO, addressed the young crowd by talking about people power in the climate change age, igniting their ecological imagination and sharing her commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, at community level, one at the time.

Effective social innovation is key to turning the SDGs into reality and can only be realised by integrating multiple perspectives into co-designed scenarios yet to be seen and inhabited. The young leaders of FiiS are the embodiment of this ambition.

Watch this film to get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.

Header photo credits: Marc Beckmann, BMW Foundation


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