The seeds of Gaia Youth and Schools are sprouting

The Gaia Education Schools and Youth programme is vibrantly emerging with exciting initiatives birthing in Brazil, Estonia, India, Mallorca and Holland.  

At the end of the summer, representatives from the Youth and School projects gathered in Estonia firstly to share and learn and secondly to take steps towards developing a certified youth curriculum. Highlights of this gathering were visiting the Gaia Kool (school) in Tallinn where children are learning through a curriculum based on the 4 dimensions; and signing the cooperation agreement between Gaia Education and Tallinn University at the festive event in the beginning of the school year.

Gaia Schools and Youth team developed the outline of both the Gaia Education curriculum and teaching methods for schools that will hopefully become a useful library for teachers who wish to use Gaia pedagogics. The Schools and Youth strand gained new branding as Gaia Kool – World We Want Design Education and Gaia Education is currently hiring a coordinator to lift this direction higher.

Two programmes have already been certified this year as Gaia Youth programmes. The first one being ‘Back to Basics Education’ in India that has been developed by Gaia Education’s long-time co-worker John George; and the second is a new exciting development led by Mandy Merklein in Mallorca, integrating permaculture, Gaia Education’s curriculum and the SDGs into a Youth programme.

Mandy Merklein: “Over 56 youths are receiving their Gaia Youth certifications this December after completing a ten-day full residential dynamic and information-rich youth exchange in northern Italy. The event was organised through Youth in Permaculture (YIP) which brought together youths from over eight countries and facilitators with Gaia EDE teaching experience to share the 20 Gaia modules and SDGs through a lot of hands on skill building, experience in nature, and group dynamics. The event is free of charge for the youths as travel, and expenses are covered through Erasmus Plus. The youths have just presented their final project designs to put into action the change they want to see and be in the world.“



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