Welcoming a new generation of Gaia Education Certified Trainers


Gaia Education starts a new term with a new generation of certified trainers who have completed the learning journey. Join a ToT and become a trainer yourself!

By Ginny Gegg |

As migratory geese fly southwards in preparation for the colder months, our own flock of GEESE is returning for the beginning of this term and their numbers have increased. We extend a warm welcome to a new generation of Gaia Education Certified Trainers with a renewed set of competences, knowledge and skills to better serve the world.

They have completed the learning journey by

  • Immersing in one of our 125+ hour face-to-face EDE courses taking place in 48 countries;
  • Completing one or more dimensions of the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) online programme;
  • Undertaking a transformative ToT (currently offered in Scotland, Thailand, Brazil or Canada).

We are proud to welcome…

Manu, one of the founders of Terra Una ecovillage, who has been leading the successful Gaia Rio and Gaia Una for 7 years and coordinates the GEDS in Portuguese.

Rona, based between Findhorn and Brazil, who facilitates GEDS Worldview and recently co-facilitated the ToT in Brazil.

Cynthia, who has worked with the modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and coordinates Gaia Botucatu, the first EDE hosted within an anthroposophical community.

Leandro, a writer, educator and cultural producer, author of several plays, songs and poems, conducting permaculture projects and education for sustainability programmes in Rio.

Mark, who has been involved in EDEs across Europe, South East Asia and West Africa, and has completed the ToT, the UNITAR associated Renewable Energies course and GEDS Ecological dimension. He is now working towards organising a Greek EDE.

Jacqueline, after spending a working life in the performing arts, Jacqueline decided to transform her 40 years of experience in environmental activism into the main focus of her life. She is currently teaching EDEs in the Netherlands.

Monica, coordinator of the Dutch EDE and who is planning both to start up Gaia Schools in the Netherlands and to support Gaia schools in general.

Vincenzo, one of the guiding forces behind our Sicilia Integra project with migrants and unemployed Youth in Sicily, teaches Social Design and has just been initiated into moderating GEDS Worldview.

Lara, one of the founders of Ecobairro, who has been teaching Ecological Design for years in many EDEs across Brazil and online. She has also coordinated EDEs in Sao Paulo and Salvador.

Pupak, a founder of Trees for Hope, who’s working to weave an Earth Healing Network in the Fertile Crescent, Anatolia and Western Asia and taking the EDE to Iran.

Eduardo is an entrepreneur and educator who have organised and taught in many EDEs. He leads groups in pilgrimages to India, has a TV channel broadcasting sustainability & spirituality related programmes and is developing a series of SDGs training sessions for Brazilian officials over the coming months.

Toni, an educator from Spain, has done our Masters in Integrated Systems Design at UOC and the ToT in Thailand adding to his multifaceted journey as systems thinker Tony can teach the Social, Ecologic and Worldview in 4 languages!

Gustavo a chemical engineer, holistic therapist and researcher from Rio. He coordinates a transformative project of ecological sanitation with traditional communities in the coast of Rio, writes academic articles focusing on Public Health, Environment and Sustainability Policies and is exploring how to initiate PBLs in partnership with us.

Peter a hydro-geologist from Australia working as a radical evolutionary activist and change-agent through regenerative design, is stepping in as Acting Head of Innovation for Gaia Edu while Daniel W. is in sabbatical.

Valeria a film producer from Brazil has completed the certification journey recent and has developed the script for our new institutional film – out very soon.

Monica facilitated the first Gaia in Transition in Vila Brasilândia, the largest low income community in South America. Her company, Oficina para Sustentabilidade, was elected by B the Change as one of the best social enterprises in the world, and she was nominated a Rockfeller Fellow amongst 21 global entrepreneurs.

Group of ToT participants and facilitators raising their arms
Take one more step on your learning journey

You may have already joined the GEDS online or immersed yourself in an EDE somewhere in the world. The ToT is your chance to get a step closer to becoming a more active world worker!

Gaia Education has several Training of Trainers coming up in the new year. Join one and engage in edge-work, conduct SDGs conversations, unleash your abilities, and build transformative learning environments.

Find the ToT for you


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