Gaia Education Enters a New Cycle & Welcomes Two CEOs


Gaia Education appoints long-term team members, Sally Bogale and Pedro Pedrosa, as joint Chief Executives. This more horizontal leadership framework is designed to harness all team members' potential and create a more open and inclusive organisation.

(Pedro Pedrosa) (Sally Bogale)

Gaia Education would like to welcome two (not so new) CEOs who have played integral roles in our organisation over the years; Pedro Pedrosa, our long-standing Chief Operating Officer, and Sally Bogale, our Projects & Partnerships Manager. 

Between them, they create the harmonic balance that our organisation needs on an executive level, and a strong connection between the Board and the workings of the management team. “Gaia Education will find a decentralised decision-making framework where all team members' potential will be catalysed. We are creating a more open, fair and inclusive organisation,” says Ross Jackson, Chair of the Board and Founder of Gaia Education. The new structure for Gaia Education was designed and implemented by Shane Rankin, who acted as interim CEO. In the past three months, Shane has created a collaborative space for all team and board members of Gaia Education to be able to participate in defining the organisation's future. 

Gaia Education is a Scotland-based, international provider of Education for Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on community-led initiatives. We have been active in 57 countries and offer online and face-to-face trainings, policy advice, curriculum development, and development projects.

Our founding team of sustainability experts created our ground-breaking 4-Dimensional Whole Systems Design approach, which adds a fourth pillar-  Worldview - to the traditional pillars of Social, Ecological, and Economic sustainability. This has a transformational effect on programme participants, creating dynamic change-makers who can lead their communities to regenerative lifestyles.


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