Nature is a Human Right!

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"Green space is vital to our welfare - But millions are being deprived of it"

'Nature is a Human Right' is a recent book by Ellen Miles.

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Ellen Miles is an urban greening activist who lives and works in London. In 2020, Ellen founded Nature is a Human Right, the campaign for the United Nations to recognise daily exposure to green space as a universal right. Her book, Nature is a Human Right (DK, 2022) brings together a collection of original perspectives from the campaign's supporters – scientists, artists, activists, naturalists and writers – relating our right to nature to mental health, medicine, indigeneity, disability, racism, classism, identity, creativity and more. In her spare time, Ellen is a guerrilla gardener, organising local action in Hackney, and reaching millions on social media.

Gaia Education is glad to announce that we'll be hosting an online presentation of this book with Pedro Pedrosa co-CEO of Gaia Education and Ellen Miles on the 20th of July 2022!
This online event is free and available through our Glocalisers Webinar Programme.

Please register here for the event, even if you cannot make it, register anyway and we will send you the recording. 

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"Humanity races toward a precipice. Never have we known so much and understood so little about the Earth. The planet swarms with restless information, yet we are disconnected, adrift in increasingly abstract lives. Our roots severed, we're hurting - like lemmings on hoverchairs - towards social alienation, somatic distress, universal angst and climate chaos. One thing that can save us from this freefall: reconnecting with nature".

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More information about the book:

Fighting for a green world — a collection of essays and writing for building an equal, healthier society. 

Access to the natural world is a human right. This inspiring book captures why contact with nature is essential for our mental, social and physical well-being — and how we can rethink urban development to create green city spaces and a return to nature.

Find an inspiring collection of original writings from world-leading “green” voices and discover:

   • Benefits and issues surrounding our access to nature 
   • Discussions on social and environmental justice
   • Why we need nature around us, how we’re being deprived of nature and what we can all do to change environmental and social issues
   • Edited by the founder of the environmental justice campaign Nature is a Human Right, Ellen Miles

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