Introducing Ubiquity University


Give a warm welcome to our newest partner - Ubiquity University 

"Ubiquity believes in educating the whole person. We want you to discover your passion, unlock your potential and create positive change. That means activating your head in the pursuit of knowledge, your heart in the development of self-mastery, and your hands to make a real-world impact."

We hope this is the start of a fruitful partnership between two dedicated global educational institutions serving you, the global community. Ubiquity creates a range of courses, programs, and degrees for "people who understand that the current global paradigm is unsustainable." Like us, they believe in systems change and are pushing for this through the power of education, creating safe spaces for holistic education, activism, innovation to go against the status quo and diversity and inclusion.

Also, keep your eye's peeled for an exciting collaboration between us as we co-create something special for you all in the near future... for now though, get inspired and take a look around some of the courses they have on offer.

 See a full list of their courses here!

"Ubiquity takes the stand that academic institutions must be more than simply disseminators of knowledge. In addition, they must actively nurture self-awareness and social activism and equip students to address critically urgent global challenges."

(images from Ubiquity Science and Consciousness '22 )



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