Embark on a Journey of Deep Transformation with 'Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation' Course

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Gaia Education, a renowned educational institution focused on sustainability and human development, is offering the "Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation" course as a unique opportunity for those interested in promoting personal change and contributing to global sustainability.

The E-learning course starts on October 7, but the registrations are only until October 14. 

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"We need to transform our core human identity, our relationships with others, and with the nonhuman world" 🌳

This course, based largely on the work of Jeremy Lent’s recent book The Web of Meaning, but also drawing on many other diverse sources, lays out principles and practices of deep transformation for the individual, for community, and for society at large.

Main objectives:

  • Recognize the need and exciting potential for a deep transformation of our civilization
  • Understand the flaws of our dominant worldview and why it is driving humanity to a precipice
  • Comprehend and articulate an alternative worldview based on deep interconnectedness
  • Be able to visualize and describe an Ecological Civilization and identify the practical pathways that are leading to it.
  • Feel inspired by the possibility of a life-affirming future for humanity on a regenerated Earth.

The course begins by investigating the historical cognitive drivers of our current civilization: “How Did We Get Here?” The bulk of the course identifies the flaws in the dominant worldview by exploring the central existential questions everyone asks at some time in their lives—Who Am I?, Where Am I?, What Am I?, How Should I Live?, Why Am I? and Where Are We Going?—and exploring the possibilities provided by an alternative worldview of deep interrelatedness. 👥

The final weeks of the course introduce participants to the exciting vision of an alternative life-affirming civilization—an Ecological Civilization—and identifies current practical pathways that are leading to it.


"This has been a wonderful, nourishing intellectual and emotional experience. Reading Jeremy's work and participating in this course has been life-changing for me. Thank you for showing me the path, Jeremy and thank you to the Gaia team for making it possible." - Course Testimonial

If you also want to become a changemaker and achieve a deep transformation, do not waste time to join this journey, sign up for the Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation! 🌍


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