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Are you passionate about creating resilient communities and regenerative livelihoods? Look no further! Gaia Education is excited to announce its upcoming webinar series, "Conversations on Resilience," where renowned speakers, activists, and authors will delve into the depths of community resilience.

The series aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare and respond to psychological, social, economic, and ecological challenges. Gaia Education firmly believes that the path to resilience lies in the creation of regenerative communities and households, as well as the cultivation of regenerative livelihoods for all.

The webinars will feature insightful discussions with experts who have dedicated their lives to researching, documenting, working, and teaching about resilience in communities. The sessions promise to be enlightening and engaging, enabling participants to understand how to make their communities stronger and more resilient.

Furthermore, this webinar series marks the launch of Gaia Education's new course, "Design for Resilience." By registering for any webinar, participants will receive an exclusive 25% discount for enrolling in the course, providing an excellent opportunity to further expand their knowledge and skills in building resilient communities.

Here's a brief overview of the upcoming webinars and their esteemed speakers:

May 18th - Oscar Gussinyer and Erika Zárate Resilience Earth, a non-profit cooperative dedicated to facilitating deep systemic change in collectives, communities, and bioregions, will share their expertise in regenerative development, community resilience, and transformative economy.

June 28th - Tom Llewellyn, the interim executive director of Shareable, a nonprofit news and action hub promoting people-powered solutions, will discuss his experiences and insights about people-powered solutions for the common good.

July 14th - Bob Doppelt Bob Doppelt, the founder of the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC), will draw upon his background in counselling psychology and environmental science to explore the intersection of mental health, climate, disaster management, and faith in building resilience.

August 11th - Rosemary Morrow, a dedicated advocate for communities affected by climate change and conflict, will share her extensive experience working with farmers, villagers, and refugees across different regions, providing valuable insights into building resilience in challenging circumstances.

August 25th - Jeremy Lent, an acclaimed author and speaker, will delve into the underlying causes of our civilization's existential crisis and explore pathways towards an ecological civilization, emphasizing the importance of an integrated worldview.

September 9th - Prof. Jem Bendell, a globally recognized scholar, will discuss the breakdown of modern societies due to environmental change, drawing from his influential "Deep Adaptation" paper, which has inspired the growth of the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of these enlightening conversations and gain invaluable knowledge on resilience. Join us throughout the series and become an active participant in the conversation on creating resilient and regenerative communities. To register for any webinar and secure your spot, please visit https://www.gaiaeducation.org/conversations-on-resilience.

Gaia Education looks forward to welcoming you to the forefront of the resilience movement. Together, let's build a sustainable, thriving, and resilient future for all.

For more information, visit https://www.gaiaeducation.org/conversations-on-resilience.


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