Conversations on Resilience: Rosemary Morrow as Our Next Guest

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Conversations on Resilience presents Rosemary Morrow as the next guest on the 11th of August!

Please mark in your calendar an appointment with us on August 11th at 10 PM (UTC time), as we will be hosting a significant guest to speak about Permaculture for Refugees: Rosemary Morrow. Additionally, we will have the incredible academic and eLearning coordinator Silvia Di Blasio as our host 

Rosemary Morrow has over 40 years of experience teaching and practising permaculture with vulnerable populations from around the world. Her tireless efforts have spanned continents, as she has dedicated extensive years to making a meaningful impact. From working closely with farmers and villagers in regions across Africa, Central and South East Asia, and Eastern Europe to her unwavering commitment to refugees in camps – individuals hailing from war-ravaged nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Syria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, and East Timor.

She has also extended her support to communities grappling with the profound repercussions of climate change, as seen in the Solomon Islands. Rosemary Morrow has offered her expertise to those affected by the financial crisis, notably in Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Her journey of empowerment knows no bounds, leaving a trail of positive change wherever she goes.

Under her visionary leadership, the initiative 'Permaculture for Refugees' (P4R) came to life, generously backed by a dedicated group of supporters and conducted permaculture courses in camps in seven countries with large refugee populations to establish whether permaculture could provide a radically different model for refugee camps.


In our captivating webinar series, we are extending invitations to esteemed speakers and dedicated activists that have immersed themselves in rigorous research and hands-on engagement all centered around the theme of community resilience 🌱

And during this conversation, you'll learn more about Rosemary Morrow and her incredible journey and project. It will take place on Zoom and you can participate by signing up at this link.

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