Toolkit for Youth Eco-Activism | Webinar presentation


The Youth Action for Nature and Well-Being initiative is dedicated to fostering both individual and collective regenerative efforts in collaboration with young individuals and youth workers. This project, funded by Erasmus+, brought together six prominent European environmental educational organizations: ECO-UNESCO, Gaia Education, Resilience.Earth, The Rural Parliament of Slovakia, Youth for Smile, and Ecowellness Consulting.

One of the highly anticipated outcomes of this endeavor is now being released: the Toolkit for Youth Eco-Activism.

This groundbreaking toolkit embodies a comprehensive and transformative pedagogical approach that draws inspiration from a diverse array of learning theories, all aimed at nurturing a culture of eco-activism. It incorporates a multitude of systems thinking models and methods to foster a profound connection with nature. This toolkit equips the youth with tools to build a sense of community, take purposeful actions, and fortify their resilience.

While primarily designed for independent use by young people in small groups, this toolkit also holds practical value for educators and practitioners across various contexts.

On the August 31st, we are thrilled to unveil the kit through a special webinar. Join us in discovering this remarkable resource that has the potential to revolutionize your engagement in work and activism with the youth.

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