Embark on a Transformative Journey with the Social Design Dimension

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The GEDS online learning course starts with an important dimension: Social Design in October 2nd!

Social Design is a dimension that will give you a better understanding of the true meaning of social equity and participatory action, and it will enable participants to apply transformative tools that align us with more resilient social systems.

Our relationship with others is too dear to let it default to old domineering paradigms, and with the Social dimension, you will rediscover the importance of community cohesion and collaboration rather than competitive advantage!

During the course, you will learn important things, such as: 

  • Creating a shared vision for a collective project;
  • Improving your communication skills and communicating more compassionately;
  • Navigating conflict and embracing diversity – of ideas, beliefs, roles, etc.;

And you'll dive into many other incredible topics! 

In the Social dimension, you'll acquire the comprehension and abilities to transform into a self-assured catalyst for addressing sustainability-related societal concerns 🌍

For this year, we are offering a 20% discount with the code 2023-GEDS-Discount, but it will be available only until September 5th!

And for our alums, we'll offer a 30% discount that will be activated when entering the Simplero site to register for the course. 


Don't miss the chance to start this extraordinary journey with the Social dimension and become a change-maker! Register in the link below 🌟

Register Here


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