Designing a Better World with the GEDS Ecological Dimension

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(Photo by Tama66 on pixabay)

Ecological dimension is coming soon!

The Ecological Design starts in January 15th, and we would be excited to have you join us in this GEDS dimension 🌱

Ecological education and design is a multifaceted field embracing green regenerative architecture, sustainable agriculture, environmental engineering, permaculture solutions, clean renewable energy sources, ecosystem restoration and regenerative development. 

With the Ecological dimension, you'll learn how to live in harmony with nature!

🦥 During the course, you'll consider the following questions:

  • Why is the current impact of humanity on the planet’s life support system degenerative, and how can we change this through whole-systems design approaches?
  • How can we use the best of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and ecosystem regeneration to co-create thriving regional food systems?
  • How can we co-create elegant solutions carefully adapted to the biocultural uniqueness of place?

🌍 And you'll learn:

  • To calculate your environmental footprint and design to be carbon neutral for minimal ecological impact;
  • To improve your ecological system design thinking;
  • To design a whole water system for your projects.

    And so much more!

For this year, we are offering a 20% discount with the code 2023-GEDS-Discount, but it will be available only until December 19th!

And for our alums, we'll offer a 30% discount that will be activated when entering the Simplero site to register for the course. 

Join the Ecological journey, become an ecological designer and help improve our planet! It starts in January 15th, 2024 🌱

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