Join Us on May 25th for the Economic Dimension!

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Economic Design will start soon!

The Economic dimension begins on May 25th, and we can't wait to have you on this meaningful journey 💫

Our current economic system is no longer sustainable, yet only some know the alternatives to battle these economic issues. The Economic dimension aims to understand better those alternatives and the true meaning of economy and wealth.

With Economic Design, you'll learn how to engage with the transformation and redesign of your local economies and where to start the process of becoming a social entrepreneur, starting a cooperative or a community project.

🌏 During this dimension, you'll consider the following questions: 

  • How can we learn from successful experiments to support local economies and promote social innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • What are the root causes and design faults of our current dysfunctional economic and monetary systems? What does economic growth mean, and how can we redefine it? 
  • What legal and financial considerations are essential for creating successful regenerative enterprises and sustainable business models?

📚And you'll gain an understanding of:

  • How to find out economic opportunities in your projects and develop them within the model of a social enterprise;
  • How to find ethical financial opportunities for your projects;
  • How to understand how to create a complementary currency.

And many other essential things to make our economy better!

For this year, we are offering a 15% Early Bird Discount, but it will be available only until April 24th!

And for our alums, we'll offer a 20% discount that will be activated when entering the Simplero site to register for the course.

Join the Economic journey and become a social entrepreneur, contributing to sustainability projects.
It starts on May 25th 🌟

Register here!


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