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We are proud to announce that Gaia Education is a part of the CurioSoil EU HORIZON project along with 11 other organisations (Universidade de Aveiro, Associacio Revolve Mediterraneo, Fakulteta Za Varstvo Okolja, Wakeningen University, Universita degli Studi di Palermo, Ecolise, European Science communication Institute, European School heads association, Stichting International Soil reference and information centre, Universitaet fuer bodenkultur Wien, Norsk Institutt for Biookonomi. The project is funded by European Commission and starts in February 2024.

The primary aim of CurioSoil is to bring soil education to primary, secondary and tertiary levels across Europe. It will target students, teachers, heads of schools, educators and the public.

This project will span over the next 4 years and will use science, technology and art to deliver quality materials for different areas: soil diversity, soil health and threats and soil solutions.

One of the outcomes of the Curious Soil will be to produce a multi-sensory soil kit engaging people to learn about soil through sound, smell, touch, sight and movement.

An app will be developed in collaboration with the Soil- and edible Earth museums, using VR, images, videos and soundscapes for a captivating educational soil experience.

We are thrilled to share this new chapter for Gaia Education finally.

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