Join the Mission Soil Manifesto: A Call to Action for Soil Health


Today marks a significant milestone as Gaia Education kicks off the CURIOSOIL project, a Horizon-funded initiative by the European Union under the Soil Mission. The urgency to address soil degradation is undeniable, with around 60% of EU soils currently considered unhealthy. Gaia Education invites you to join the Mission Soil Manifesto – a call to action for individuals and entities alike to safeguard our planet's living skin.

Sign the soil manifesto! 🌱

Why the Mission Soil Manifesto?

The importance of healthy soils cannot be overstated. Soil sustains life on Earth, providing essential resources such as food, clean water, and biodiverse landscapes. Moreover, soils are crucial in mitigating climate change by acting as the largest terrestrial carbon sink, storing approximately 80% of carbon in terrestrial ecosystems.

Despite their vital role, soils are often overlooked, leading to widespread degradation. The Mission Soil Manifesto seeks to address this by rallying support for the European Mission 'A Soil Deal for Europe,' which aims to create 100 living labs and lighthouses dedicated to transitioning towards healthy soils.

The Mission's Objectives:

The Mission Soil outlines eight specific objectives: reducing desertification, conserving soil organic carbon stocks, preventing soil sealing, and enhancing soil literacy. By addressing these goals, the mission aims to drive the recovery of soil health in Europe through coordinated efforts in research, monitoring, communication, and evidence-based policies.

Who Can Sign the Manifesto?

The Manifesto is open for signatures from both entities and individuals. Whether you represent a municipality, a company, an educational institution, or simply sign as an individual, your support will create a strong community of practice committed to soil health. Becoming a Signatory or Friend of the Mission Soil involves a symbolic commitment to act and contribute to protecting and restoring soil health.

What's in it for You?

Signing the Mission Soil Manifesto offers numerous benefits. As a signatory, your organization's or authority's name will be publicly visible, fostering connections with like-minded entities. Access to a vibrant community of soil advocates, firsthand knowledge on soil health, and participation in events like the annual European Mission Soil Fair are among the perks. You become part of a network that actively cares for the future of European and global soils.

Join Gaia Education and countless others in supporting the Mission Soil Manifesto. By signing, you make a symbolic commitment to soil health, contribute to a global movement, and gain access to valuable resources. Together, we can ensure a healthy and green future for future generations. Visit our website today to sign the manifesto and become a Friend of the Mission Soil. Let's take action for the sake of our planet's living skin.


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