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We would love to share some news about our CURIOSOIL Project with you. 

This email coincides with International Compost Awareness Week, a brilliant reminder of the importance of returning organic matter – compost – back to our soils and a great occasion to reaffirm CURIOSOIL's commitment to soil education and sustainability.

Read on for updates, news and events from the world of soil!


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CURIOSOIL (Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy) is a four-year, EU co-funded project focused on enhancing soil education. It addresses the critical need for a better understanding of soil amid increasing human pressures on this essential resource. Using hands-on Soil Experiences, CURIOSOIL aims to deepen public comprehension of soil dynamics, establishing a connection between individuals and soil.


The Project Kicked Off in Aveiro

curiosoil kick off aveiro

CURIOSOIL partners convened in Aveiro, Portugal, for the Kick-off meeting in February 2024. Highlights included discussions on project tasks such as developing a soil literacy assessment framework and creating educational materials. The meeting emphasised the importance of soil education and conservation across Europe.

Join our Community of Practice

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Join the launch of the CURIOSOIL Community of Practice (CoP) and connect with like-minded professionals across Europe who are passionate about soil education and sustainability. The CoP is a platform to contribute to the development, piloting and implementation of soil education initiatives.


Culture Jam on Soil Literacy

culture jam soil literacy

CURIOSOIL participated in the REVOLVE Magazine’s 51th Issue Launch event on 25 April. Panelists Teresa Gimeno, Oliver Goshey and Carlos Ortiz provided insights on sustainable farming practices, water governance models, policies and case studies to showcase the importance of healthy soils.


Soil Curiosities 🤔

Did you know it takes up to 1,000 years to produce just 1cm of soil? Land and soils play a crucial role on our planet, supporting life-sustaining processes and providing the foundation for the food we eat, textiles, wood, and more.

Explore how the EU addresses soil degradation and promotes responsible land use.


Soilhood updates 🔔

Launch of the NBSOIL Academy

Enrolments are now open for the NBSOIL Academy! Explore the world of sustainable soil management with a two-year programme designed to empower existing and aspiring soil advisors. Enrol now!

NATI00NS project

The NATI00NS project is launching its second round of National Engagement Events. This series of online gatherings addresses soil health challenges and resilience strategies specific to each participating country. More information

Upcoming Events 🗓️

Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences

🗓️ 19-21 May 2024

The event will explore soil's role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and its impact on key sectors such as agriculture, forestry, and environmental management.
Information & program

12th Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership

🗓️ 3-5 June 2024

This annual meeting serves as the primary decision-making platform for GSP partners. More information

Annual Science Days 2024

🗓️ 10-14 June 2024

Join the Annual Science Days 2024, organised by the European Joint Programme EJP Soil. Discover how to make scientific findings about soil more sustainable and accessible. More information


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