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A detailed script for conducting an SDG implementation workshop in communities can be found in the ‘Multipliers Handbook'


SDG Multipliers Handbook

We can come to your community to conduct an SDG workshop for you!

If you would like Gaia Education to come to your community (group, organisation, business) and conduct a workshop for you with an experienced, local Gaia Education SDG Trainer/Multiplier we are more than happy to make that happen. Indicative costs for a 1-day face to face SDG workshop in communities are approximately 25 to 30 Euros/Pounds (2024 prices) per person (which is applicable only for Europe/UK and excludes additional costs like travel and other variable disbursements). Costs in other regions of the world vary greatly but in any case get in touch with us if you wish to conduct an SDG workshop or multiplier training at your community wherever you are, by completing the contact form linked below. We are also more than happy to work with you on the development of bespoke workshops or other formats of delivering the SDG and other aspects of our extensive whole systems based sustainability and regeneration courses and curricula (more on Gaia Education), to fit your needs.

A concise description of Gaia Education's offers for communities can be found in a leaflet below for download, which you can utilise for use with your local councilors, mayor, community board, NGO board/leadership, company board/leadership,  or others who you may want to get excited about conducting SDG workshops in your community or institution. 



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