Blockchain Frontiers: Unleashing the Potential of SDGs Implementation


Presented by Gaia Education and UNITAR

The business case for supporting the SDGs is incredibly compelling. It has been reported that as much as $12trn and 380 million jobs could be generated by 2030 if the SDGs are placed at the heart of global economic strategies.

The urgency to attract the so-called ‘trillions’ is high on the agenda. Edge concepts and technologies such as Green bonds, Innovation labs, Blockchain, Solar currency, Behavioural experimentation, Alternative finance are emerging as pointers of an uncharted territory.

These – and more – have crept into the SDGs international community vocabulary and have the potential to change the nature of development and humanitarian work. Furthermore, they open new possibilities for addressing the pace of the implementation of the SDGs.

In this participatory 4-week e-learning programme, participants will:

  • Acquire a multi-dimensional perspective on all 17 SDGs and targets
  • Prioritise a constellation of goals that are particularly relevant for their scale/context in the age of exponential technology
  • Learn how blockchain works, primarily through discussing specific case studies where it is being used in ways that already accelerate the SDGs.
  • Gain an understanding of the “trustless” distributed and decentralized system blockchain creates, as well as the cryptoeconomic incentives that incentivise participation.
  • Design a blockchain use case to advance one or more of the SDGs. If possible, design this use case for the participant’s organisation. This can be done individually or in groups.


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