The Good and the Bad news: a book by Gaia Education board member Ross Jackson

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Embracing Change: Ross Jackson's Vision for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In his latest book, Gaia Education board member Ross Jackson presents a provocative exploration of our civilisation's trajectory, challenging us to confront the stark reality of collapse while offering a compelling vision for a brighter future. With his insight as an economist and an activist's passion, Jackson takes readers on a journey from the roots of our societal challenges to the possibilities of transformation.

At the heart of Jackson's narrative lies the recognition that our current worldview is fundamentally unsustainable

Our relentless pursuit of growth and consumption has brought us to the brink of collapse. Yet, Jackson reframes this crisis as an opportunity—a chance to reimagine and rebuild a world that works for everyone.

Drawing on decades of research and observation, Jackson explains the flaws of our current economic system. He challenges beliefs about debt, inflation, and the nature of money, and presents an alternative path towards a more equitable and sustainable economic model.

But Ross' vision extends far beyond mere economic reform. He paints a picture of a society living in harmony with nature, where population growth is controlled, resources are shared equitably, and governance is decentralised. In this future, communities thrive through cooperation rather than competition, and the well-being of all is prioritised over profit.

Crucially, it emphasises the need for global cooperation in bringing this vision to life. And acknowledges the movements around the world already embodying this mentality. He envisions a world where nations come together to address our shared challenges, forging new governance structures and fostering collaboration across borders.

As we stand in the middle of very turbulent times, The Bad news and the Good News serves as strong plea for action. It challenges us to question the status quo, to envision a better world, and to work together towards its realisation. In the face of uncertainty, Ross' insights offer hope—a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is opportunity for change.

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