Gaia in Schools Programme


Gaia Education offers a range of packages to support integrating more holistic Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into Schools.

Gaia in Schools is a groundbreaking programme designed for schools that are planning to adapt, or already diving into, Gaia Education's renowned Design for Sustainability or GaiaYES curricula. 

Our programme brings sustainability to life in engaging and hands-on ways. We believe in making sustainability education fun, interactive, and relevant to your students' lives. From exciting project-based learning activities to thought-provoking discussions and experiential exercises, Gaia in Schools creates an environment where sustainable principles truly come alive.

By aligning with Gaia Education's principles, you'll join a global network of schools committed to empowering students as change-makers. Our curricula provide a solid foundation in sustainable development, ecological balance, social justice, and cultural diversity. We want to inspire your students to become active participants in creating a better world for themselves and future generations.


Gaia in Schools Certification

Is your school planning to adapt, or already adapting, our Design for Sustainability or GaiaYES curricula for Sustainable Education activities with your students?

Do you want to be recognised as providing a leading-edge holistic ESD programme for your students throughout the school year?

Do you want to become part of the Gaia Schools family?

Then the certified Gaia in Schools Programme is for you!

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Gaia in School

Gaia YES Curriculum

Are you a secondary-level teacher or youth leader hoping to incorporate holistic Education for Sustainable Development into your curriculum or activities? 

Our FREE GaiaYES holistic curriculum for secondary level ESD - formal and informal settings - can help with that!

Co-developed with Gaia Kool, Tallinn University, Permamed and Gaia Nederland in 2022, this curriculum helps you plan the whole year based around the four Gaia Education pillars for sustainability - Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview.


If your school is interested in developing a certified Gaia In Schools Programme, take a deeper look at the certification process here, or email for your application pack and guidance.


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SDG Youth Multipliers Workshops


Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability framework, everyone of any age, in any place, can lead or participate in culturally-creative projects to implement the SDGs in their area, focusing on local needs and priorities.

If you want to teach your students how to design holistic sustainability projects using the SDGs, or are a student yourself who wants to lead SDG action in your school, this workshop is for you!

With our certified facilitators using Gaia Education’s UNITAR-endorsed SDG Youth Flashcards, by the end of the half-day or one-day workshop, participants will have a clear idea of what the SDGs are and how to use them for holistic design projects for greater sustainability in their school and community.

For more information, click on this flyer!

SDG ToM Handbook

If you want to book an SDG Multiplier Workshop with a certified facilitator, please contact Leo at for details and payment options.

If you want to buy some SDG Flashcards for Youth to use in your workshop, click here.

If you want to download a FREE SDG Multiplier Workshop Handbook and run a workshop yourself, click here.


Download the Free SDG Handbook