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Welcome to the Gaia Youth Library – your go-to resource for fun, engaging, and educational tools that will help you become a sustainability champion for a regenerative future!

Dive into our library and start exploring! You'll find resources on regenerative education, alternative education curriculum, SDGs, mental health and more. And the best part? Our tools are completely free to download, so you can start learning and making a difference today!

Our Resources

Our GaiaYES! curriculum in support of sustainable development (ESD Holistic Curriculum for Youth) is designed for schools and educators.


The Curriculum for Youth and the Guide for Educators will offer teachers and curriculum developers opportunities and suggestions surrounding how to bring sustainable development issues to young people and educational institutions.

Access our online learning environment (e-platform/online laboratory/app) where ethnically and socially diverse youth can engage in interactive creative initiatives that support social integration and youth-led content creation. 


The project aims to have a meaningful impact in mobilising a movement of young people from diverse backgrounds across Europe, sharing experiences digitally on civic engagement and an eco-friendly society.

Youth Action for Nature & Wellbeing's  toolkit is for youth workers and educators, a pedagogical design guide, a case study, an e-learning course and an evaluation tool.


This project aims to innovate new ways of working with young people that combine transformative learning, action competence and nature-based strategies for positive mental health.

The Community Catalysts For Transformative Economy will produce a methodological guide on transformative economy, which will help the project generate greater impact in creating positive social change.

Projects_Community Catalysts

The project aims to catalyse social entrepreneurs and other local actors in support of a transformative economy, ultimately ensuring the long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability of their economic activities.