Ecosystem Restoration Summit 2022

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Gaia Education is pleased to announce the Ecosystem Restoration Summit from the 2nd of September to the 10th. More than 15 amazing talks with experts from all over the world, and everything for free.  


September 2

10 AM UTC - Ecosystems Restoration Camps
Ashleigh Brown & Pieter van de Gaag

5 PM UTC - Ecosystems Restoration Design Course Q&A with facilitators and alumni
Silvia Di Blasio & Yan Teixeira 

8 PM UTC - Healing our seas, people and planet!
Kym Chi & Harriet Trower

September 3…

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Nature is a Human Right!

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"Green space is vital to our welfare - But millions are being deprived of it"

'Nature is a Human Right' is a recent book by Ellen Miles.

nature is human right

Ellen Miles is an urban greening activist who lives and works in London. In 2020, Ellen founded Nature is a Human Right, the campaign for the United Nations to recognise daily exposure to green space as a universal right. Her book, Nature is a Human Right (DK, 2022) brings together a collection of original perspectives from the campaign's supporters – scien…

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Building Regenerative Futures Seminar - 8 July 2022

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Gaia Education and our European partners for the GaiaYES and Community Catalysts for Transformative Economies projects are delighted to invite you to our one-day 'Building Regenerative Futures' Seminar. We hope you can join us, online or face-to-face!

This free event will present the tools, educational platforms and curricula we are developing with our EU partners to support the next generation of young pioneers, as they build regenerative futures in the face of Climate Change.

We will also hold a…

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What About the Climate Refugees?





Today marks World Refugee Day - every year on June 20th, the world celebrates bringing awareness to the plight, lives & human stories of global refugees -2022 see's the focus on the right to seek safety.

There are many reasons communities & people become displaced; war, violence, religious, national, social, racial, political persecution, gender/sexual orientation, hunger and climate change. "But officially, climate change is not yet a valid reason for an asylum claim. In 2013, the firs…

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Gaia Education awarded prestigious Luxembourg Peace Prize for global education efforts in sustainability & regeneration

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Press release June 2022

Scotland-based charity, Gaia Education will be presented with the Luxembourg Peace Prize for Education 2022 on 17th June in the Schuman Building, Luxembourg.

Gaia Education is being recognised for outstanding efforts and initiatives to promote peace.

This prestigious prize is awarded in a number of categories, including outstanding peace education, outstanding peace activist and outstanding peace support.

The Prize is awarded by the World Peace Forum and the…

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Gaia Education has opened an office in Brussels, Belgium!

Gaia Education was founded in Findhorn, and for more a decade Gaia Education has been working from Scotland to the world. The team has always been very multicultural and spread across the world; through the years we have been having colleagues in Canada, US, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Finland, and many other places.

As Brexit started to roll ahead, Gaia Education decided that having a EU presence is crucial for international development and staying true to our values.

Today, Europe Day we …

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Introduction to the Worldview Dimension of Gaia Education’s course in ‘Design for Sustainability’


“A human being is part of the whole — called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of n…

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Fancy a Cup of Conscious Coffee?


Sip a cup of cosmic coffee to open your mind & shift your worldview. 

If your regular flat white or espresso hasn't been hitting the spot lately, maybe it's time you headed down to Cosmo Café! A Gaia Education Alumni project, based in Landau Germany - the café was created to be a melting pot for regenerative ideas and aims at bringing the community together. And we know how much better food & drink tastes when enjoyed in the company of like-minded folk! 

Kevin who is one of the masterminds beh…

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