Join Us in Shaping Resilient Futures with Design for Resilience Course!

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Unleash Your Resilience: Design a Brighter Future with UsĀ šŸŒ

If you're passionate about fostering resilience and adapting to the challenges of today and tomorrow, this course is tailor-made for you. Whether you're an individual, community leader, or part of an organisation, the Design for Resilience course equips you with the skills to navigate an uncertain world.


Our planet is undergoing unprecedented changes, from environmental ā€¦


Conversations on Resilience presents Jem Bendell

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Conversations on Resilience series has as its new guest Jem Bendell in September 9th!

Mark in your calendar an appointment with us for this incredible webinar! In September 9th, at 1:00 UTC, Jem BendellĀ from Deep Adaptation and author of "Breaking Together" will be our guest, and we want you to be part of this meaningful conversationĀ šŸŒŸ

Jem Bendell isĀ known for his groundbreaking work in environmental change and societal collapse.Ā He will discuss the psychology behind this phenomenon and its poā€¦


Exciting events ahead! Check the agenda and join us!


In a world that cries out for urgent changes, Gaia Education remains active in its mission to present, discuss and enhance alternatives to the status quo. In the coming months we will be hosting and participating in a myriad of events that will catalyze community transformations, promote resilience and train new agents of change.

Whether online or face-to-face, you are invited to join us at one of these events around the world! Check out the agenda below:

Catalysing Communities, Brussels Confeā€¦


Embark on a Transformative Journey with the Social Design Dimension

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The GEDS online learning course starts with an important dimension: Social Design in October 2nd!

Social Design is a dimension that will give you a better understanding of the true meaning of social equity and participatory action, and it will enable participants to apply transformative tools that align us with more resilient social systems.

Our relationship with others is too dear to let it default to old domineering paradigms, and with the Social dimension, you will rediscover the importanceā€¦


Toolkit for Youth Eco-Activism | Webinar presentation


The Youth Action for Nature and Well-Being initiative is dedicated to fostering both individual and collective regenerative efforts in collaboration with young individuals and youth workers. This project, funded by Erasmus+, brought together six prominent European environmental educational organizations: ECO-UNESCO, Gaia Education, Resilience.Earth, The Rural Parliament of Slovakia, Youth for Smile, and Ecowellness Consulting.

One of the highly anticipated outcomes of this endeavor is now beingā€¦


Conversations on Resilience with Jeremy Lent

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Conversations on Resilience presents a special guest in August 25th: Jeremy LentĀ from Deep Transformation and the Web of MeaningĀ šŸŒ±

Gaia Education is interviewing Jeremy Lent in the 25th of August at 8 PM (UTC), and we want you to join this fantastic conversation!Ā Jeremy will present his vision on community and inner resilience from the perspective of someone who has studied the emergence and fall of entire civilisations and worldviews.

Jeremy Lent, hailed by George Monbiot, a journalist at Theā€¦


Conversations on Resilience: Rosemary Morrow as Our Next Guest

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Conversations on Resilience presents Rosemary Morrow as the next guest on the 11th of August!

Please mark in your calendar an appointment with us on August 11th at 10 PM (UTC time), as we will be hosting a significant guest to speak about Permaculture for Refugees: Rosemary Morrow. Additionally, we will have the incredible academic and eLearning coordinator Silvia Di Blasio as our hostĀ āœØ

Rosemary Morrow has over 40 years of experience teaching and practising permaculture with vulnerable populaā€¦


New Dates! Join GEDS for Regenerative Design and Sustainability

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The highly awaited date of the year has arrived once again! The GEDS course has new dates, starting on October 2nd with the Social Dimension!

The GEDS is an online learning course promoted by Gaia Education where the students willĀ improve their social, economic, worldview and ecological design thinking skills and practical tools to create regenerative communities. Our teamĀ genuinely believe thatĀ the world can change one person and one community at a timeĀ šŸŒ±


The dates of the different dimensiā€¦


Embark on a Journey of Deep Transformation with 'Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation' Course

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Gaia Education, a renowned educational institution focused on sustainability and human development, is offering the "Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation" course as a unique opportunity for those interested in promoting personal change and contributing to global sustainability.

The E-learning course starts on October 7,Ā but the registrations are only until October 14.Ā 

Register here!



Learn How to Build Regenerative Communities and Cultivate Resilience

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Are you passionate about creating resilient communities and regenerative livelihoods? Look no further! Gaia Education is excited to announce its upcoming webinar series, "Conversations on Resilience," where renowned speakers, activists, and authors will delve into the depths of community resilience.

The series aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare and respond to psychological, social, economic, and ecological challenges. Gaia Education firmly believes thatā€¦