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Planting Seeds For A Regenerative Future, a conversation with Vandana Shiva

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You're invited to the biggest talk of the year! Internationally acclaimed activist and "Gandhi of grain", Vandana Shiva, will be sitting down with us to discuss some of our most pressing ecological and environmental issues. The Masterclass will take place on December 5 at 2 PM UTC Time. 

Her tenacious spirit has seen her become a defender of the poor and a true advocate for Earth's democracy. Join us as we explore eco-feminism, the ugly truth of GMOs, worldview, the threat of globalisation an…

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Gaia Education new Course with Della Duncan and Silvia Di Balsio

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All of us need to make a livelihood, but how do we create work that we love, that supports our families and us while also contributing meaningfully to the world and our communities? When we start thinking of our livelihood as a service to the regeneration and development of societies and the planet, it enables us to dream and envision completely new possibilities for ourselves and an ecological future. 

What is the middle point where our passions, gifts, natural talents and purpose lie? How can…

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Ecosystem Restoration Summit 2022

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Gaia Education is pleased to announce the Ecosystem Restoration Summit from the 2nd of September to the 10th. More than 15 amazing talks with experts from all over the world, and everything for free.  


September 2

10 AM UTC - Ecosystems Restoration Camps
Ashleigh Brown & Pieter van de Gaag

5 PM UTC - Ecosystems Restoration Design Course Q&A with facilitators and alumni
Silvia Di Blasio & Yan Teixeira 

8 PM UTC - Healing our seas, people and planet!
Kym Chi & Harriet Trower

September 3…

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Learn about the 4 dimensional framework in the Foundation for Intentional community webinar

The purpose of Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) is bring communities around the world together into a hub to share knowledge, resources and connect with each other to build a movement. 

The Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) has over 35 years of partnership with hundreds of intentional communities around the world. At a time when people are desperate for more social connection and answers to complex problems, intentional communities offer hope in an increasingly broken world. …

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